First bases of Dorna food industrial group was established by the first factory of producing cake in 1965 in Imam Hosein square by father of family Haj MirzaAghaRasolavi. The first name of this product was Rasolavi cake. His sons established by continuing this move and by updated knowledge the company of Biscolarg in 28km of Tehran-Karaj old road and they introduced Dorna bran to the family of Iran's cake and cookie. Now this group is honored that is introduced as the sample of standard. In 2010, Dorna food industrial group established DornaErikecompany in order to reach the professional goals by the aim of supplying, distributing and selling the products by Dorna brand. Nowadays, wheat, flour and its side products such as bread, breakfast cereal and cake have an important role in food regiment of most people. Cake is among the products that because of having proper flavor, high food value, ease in consumption and appropriate price has been welcomed by most people as a snack. Since Dorna has delivered various products to market by investigating taste of customers, has been able to put all ages in its costumer range.

Biscolarg factory

Biscolarg factory is working with 11 production line of cake in the area of 7000m. Dorna family cakes include: Oocake, Mansen, breakfast, raisin, cinnamon carrot and fruity. Dorna family cake are still the first option for consumers in reception of their dears and has always a specific position in happiness ceremonies of Iranian families. Dorna cupcakes include: Golden (raisins, cocoa and sesame), benfi, bircake, birbir, hot & cool, dorni, probiotic and didaniha. Golden cake is the oldest and most popular product of Dorna that has been three generations with Iranians and its taste is memorable. Dorna Burger is a specific option for all ages with 4 tastes of orange, vanilla, chocolate cream and strawberry, and doll cake in fantasy designs with a core of cherry cocoa cream is attended by children and youth. Dorna Burger and doll cake are a family of pancake products that for the first time in Middle East is produced and packed by Dorna food industrial group using the updated technology of the world and full automatic apparatuses. Dorna pancakes compared with the products of other producers around the world have most diversity in taste and model and have high durability. Dornaburger and doll cake have specific formulation than other cakes and are rich with protein and because of its specific production technology have low fat and without harmful fatty acids. Acknowledged by Mazdaccompany in Japan as a fabricator of pancake production line, the best quality of products in this type among the customers of this company is produced by Dorna food industrial group in the world. Among other products of Dorna, cake powder and jelly powder can be mentioned that are old products of Dorna and in addition to having proper quality are attended by Iranian cooker.