Dorna food industrial Group as a named organization in food industry by investing in the field of cake, Biscuits,Wafer, chocolate . cookies , cake powder and pancake powder and also  more than so product in different weight and taste has become one of the poles of this industry and can managed to keep its name for more than half a century.
This is the wishes of management and staff to have developed , advanced Iran and reliant on the human resource of our homeland.

The first Dorna  factory was established by the first cake producers in Iran in 1965 in Imam Hosseien square in Tehran. The factory was founded by the father of the present owners Haj Mirza Agha Rasoolavi.The factory named its first product "  Rasoolavi cake". Since then the family has tried to continued its effort in moving forward  with technology and creating  new innovation.
     The Biscolarg company moved to 28 km of Tehran-Karaj old road and  introduced Dorna brand to the world of confectionery in Iran.Today Dorna Group pride itself to be known as a role model of upholding standards in the industry.  
In 2010,Dorna industrial group Formed  DornaErike company in order to reach its goals in increasing/improving the supply , distribution  and sells of Dorna brand products. Today, wheat , flour and its side products such as bread , breakfast cereal and cake have an important role in most people daily diet . Cake is among products  that due to  its pleasant falvor , high nutrition value , ease in consumption and appropriate price has been welcomed by most people as a snack.
By using smart market research  Dorna  Group  has been able to deliver variety of products to wide range consumers in different age group .
Biscolarg factory
Biscolarg factory is working with 12 production line of cake in the area of 15000 m2 . Dorna family cakes include: Evcake ,  mansan, breakfast, raisin and fruity. Dorna family cake are still the first option for consumers in reception of their dears and has always a specific position in happiness ceremonies of Iranian families. Dorna cupcakes includes: Golden(raisin and cocoa), benfi, bircake, bir bir, hot and cool and probiotic. Golden cake is the oldest and most popular product of Dorna that has been three generation with Iranians and its taste memorable . Dorna burger is a specific option for all ages with 5 taste of orange, caramel, cocoa cream, raspberry and strawberry, and Fun cake in fantasy design with a core of cherry and cocoa  cream is attended by children and youth. Dorna burger and fun cake are a family of pancake products that for the first time in Middle east is produced and packed by Dorna food industrial group using the updated technology of the world and full automatic apparatuses.    
Dorna pancakes compaired with the products of ither producers around the word have most diversity in taste and model and have high durability.   
Different kind of wafer is another biscolarge products that produce with different taste in there  .