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Dorna food Industrial Group as a named organization in food industry by  investing in the field of cake , Biscuit , chocolate, cookies , cake powder and pancake powder and also more than 80product in different wight taste has become one of the poles of this industry and can managed to keep its name for more than half a century.
this is wishes of management and staff to have developed , advanced Iran and reliant of the human resource  of our homeland.

Dorna believes that Iranian people deserves the best product .This important task is our ability to deliver our product to  capillaries across the country. Dorna enjoys half a century of experience and use of the latest mechanized machinery and with full knowledge  of the Iranian taste put the wide range of our product in the form of health and probiotic product.


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That  is enough to imagine,a world with lots of biscuits call you. Animals away from tales, from the land of Dorna  brings you moments of happines.This is Dornas secret "Love miracle for any product" , .